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Doom Zone Blu Ray (BD-R)

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Four people wake up in a desolate area. None of them knows how they got there, no one knows where they are here. But even before they can solve this mysterious mystery, they understand the dangers that exist here. Because they are not alone! Horrific mutants and bloodthirsty monsters lie in wait for them, with only one goal: to kill them! So the search for a way out of this scenario becomes a naked fight for survival!

Action horror film (Germany 2023). Director: Helmut & Günther Brandl. With Martin Eherer, Monika Brandl, Günther Brandl, Melody Bayer, Oliver Maurer, Matthias Sigl.

DVD (not pressed!)

uncut (119 min.)

Language: German

Subtitles: English

New (but not shrink-wrapped)