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Violent Obsession DVD

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Violent Obsession

DVD in Amaray

Edition of 1000 pieces

Region Code Free

Running time main film: 35 min.

Language: German

Subtitles: English

Bonus: Making Of, Syncro, Music Videos, Trailer


The first feeling that a new person gives is pain. Pain for the body that protected and nourished it when it was not yet able to do so itself. Screaming and bloody, the miracle of birth, or the beginning of the brutal struggle for survival. Without being asked, this new human being now exists. He will receive and give joy and pain. He will do good and evil. But when is it decided whether a person is good or evil? And above all, by whom?

Director: Sebastian Zeglarski


Jim Aal, Kat Divine, Azraela Macabre,