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Cellar Secret Dvd Comes Autographed By Cast

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Faux Pas Films takes a look inside one of the greatest horrors of all: The evil that humans are capable of doing. Inspired by real life events, Cellar Secret is a downward spiral of tragic proportions. Rick and Virginia Sims have a simple, spiritual life together when they are given the gift of an unexpected pregnancy. Blessings can be deadly. When Rick is left to raise their daughter on his own, Dalana becomes the sole importance in her fathers world. As Dalana grows up and tries to have a life of her own, Rick must take steps to insure that she will never leave him. The secret is hidden deep within the cellar. Starring Joe DeBartolo, Portia Chellelynn, Derek L. Cook, Shellilynn, Scott Eckelberry, and Deanna Deadly .
An extension of the 2008 short film, “Gods Hostage”.

Special Features include:
Audio Commentary with Joe DeBartolo, Portia Chellelynn, Derek L. Cook, and Michael Wade Johnson.

English Subtitles
Scene Selection