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Cyclical Effect Dvd

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Drama/horror feature film from Faux Pas Films, Starring Dustin Risley, Jared Sullivan, Jeff Davis, Russ Croley, and B Horror Icons such as Shannon Sylvia, Michelle Tomlinson, Melantha Blackthorne, Bianca Barnett, Lilith Stabs, Andrea Collins, Dawn Lyn, Kayla Perkins, Shauna Tackett, and Tiffany Apan.

Ian is struggling with being at the very lowest point in his life. He has lost all faith in the world and himself and tries to restore that by picking himself up. He begins with online dating and finds that there are some interesting people from the web.. Meanwhile, he is tortured with grief from the death of his best friend, Zeke, whom he keeps seeing (in a theater costume) everywhere. Are these visions merely in his head or has Zeke come back for vengeance? Ian will have to find the answers if he ever hopes to break this vicious cycle and survive to pick up the pieces.

DVD includes:

* The 96 minute feature film
* Scene Selections
*Deleted Scene

**The alternate 93 MINUTE cut of the movie has all new Narration, new scenes, a tighter flow, and a more natural look than the original version! The alternate DVD also includes never before seen Auditions!! ***