About Us

Windmill Home Entertainment is about bringing the more independent, alternative movies from around the world to the general public. By working with directors, labels and distributors directly we make those movies which are largely absent from mainstream outlets available to you.

We do this as fans of imaginative, stimulating cinema. And we do it for fans who wish to explore beyond the norm.

It is our long term aim to provide a hub for fans of imaginative cinema not constrained by genre or corporate considerations but only by the creativity of the film makers and their fans.

We think we have made a good start but are aware that however broad and open minded we may be there will be gaps in our experience and areas of movie making that we are unaware of. So we have a request and an invitation to you. If there is a genre, director, label, writer etc. that we do not feature that you would like to see please let us know. Send us a message through our Contact Us page and we will investigate your recommendation and, where possible, include it in our ever increasing catalogue.

Many thanks, Windmill Home Entertainment.