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Beyond Madness (Oltre La Follia) Dvd

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 SYNOPSIS A film director dreams his deepest nightmares. But real life is not always worse than a movie? A porn raw and direct that complaint the costumes and the decadence of modern and contemporary society. INTRODUCTION Diogenes investigates the man in his primordial mystery. The man knows nothing.

EPISODE 1: A GAME OF MADNESS A woman perform erotic and surreal dancing with the music of Rossini and giving their body fluids to the guests of this unexpected trough of truth and wisdom.

EPISODE 2: ARROGANT MAN'S FOLLY A woman eats meat and offal: is the man who eats himself; the arrogance of power that crushes the losers relegating them to sacrificial victims. A fierce critic of modern society.

EPISODE 3: A SMALL DOSE OF MADNESS A woman sits in front of a mirror and begins to have terrifying visions. A double dream surreal and frightening. The man is total lack of communication.

EPISODE 4: THE REASON IS ONLY APPEARANCE Men feed killing innocent animals. The madness of Michelle, Rosario Gallardo and Sara Lux offer a social protest in key porn horror memorable and frightening.

EPISODE 5: MEDITATION ON DEATH A Dionysian frenzy overwhelms the characters leading them to orgasm, which coincides with their death. Only the beauty will save the world.

EPISODE 6: EYES ARE THE MIRROR OF SOUL A mysterious woman feeds on blood and pig eyes. And 'the symbol of corrupt and decadent society of the twenty-first century.

EPISODE 7: THE HUMAN COMEDY A woman sodomized a man and then she is itself sodomized by a pig. It is the revenge animal advancing. Animal’s revenge. Love and tenderness does not have space or time.

EPISODE 8: ESCAPE FROM banality 'EXISTENCE A conductor directs mannequins having nightmares. The surreal triumphs in a crescendo of madness glossy