Bizarre, The Film They Tried To Stop! Dvd

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Journey into the mind of the undead, as a talking mummy guides us on grand tour of the timeless “battle of the sexes” between man and woman. A cult classic from Executive Producer Richard Gordon (FIEND WITHOUT A FACE, ISLAND OF TERROR), BIZARRE is an offbeat anthology film that certainly defies description. An interesting mix of sex, horror and humor filmed in varied styles, this is certainly one of the strangest films you are ever likely to see. It is truly… BIZARRE!

Special Features

New Digital Transfer in the Original Aspect Ratio of 1.66:1
Audio Commentary from Executive Producer Richard Gordon and Film Historian and Author, Tom Weaver
Two Short Films from Antony Balch and William S. Burroughs: THE CUT UPS and TOWERS OPEN FIRE
Video Interview with BIZARRE Writer, Elliott Stein
Theatrical Trailer
Liner Notes
Chapter Selections