Bliss Limited 2 Disc Blu Ray/DVD Mediabook (LIMITED EDITION OF 555) Cover E

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Dezzy, artist and rocker bride, has a creative block. She hasn’t finished painting a picture for a long time. The only thing she can do is get drunk. When her manager cuts off her money supply, Dezzy decides to show all the doubters. Luckily for her, dealer buddy Hadrian (Graham Skipper) has a wide range of suitable stuff in stock. She takes his hardest coke blend “Diablo”, a mixture of all the effects of every known drug. From now on she feels like a different person; something in her drives her to complete ecstasy. The trips get harder and harder, the hallucinations too. Every morning after After the horror trip, she wakes up in front of her screen, memoryless and stark naked; but the blockade is apparently breaking down! She continues to paint the painting she has started piece by piece. Although – is it really she herself who continues to paint the painting, or is there much more behind it? Regardless, Dezzy is certain: the picture will be her masterpiece!
Audio;  Dutch, English
Subtitles; Dutch, English