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Region 1

Alone, unarmed, and losing his mind, an old man named Fred is trapped in a city overrun by legions of the living dead. Driven by parasitic worms that infest their decaying bodies, hordes of rotting zombies roam the city searching for living flesh to feast upon.

Against overwhelming odds, Fred must battle his way out of the infernal city or find himself consumed by the mindless hordes in the CITY OF ROTT. With only his trusty walker as support, and not even a decent pair of sneakers to warm his aching feet, can Fred possibly escape his diabolical nightmare?

Made for true zombie fans, CITY OF ROTT pulls no punches. Featuring insane amounts of zombie BLOOD AND GORE, this animated horror adventure assaults you with unstop action where one "shot to the head" is never enough. Diabolical combat, Blood-soaked thrills, extravagant gore and as funny as hell, CITY OF ROTT will fulfill your most fiendish desires! You have been warned!


Audio commentary with Director Fred (Star)

2 FSudol zombie shorts, "Psych",   "Rise zombie"

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