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Region 1

From the Director of the hugely successful animated zombie film, “CITY OF ROTT”, Comes his long awaited follow up feature, “DEAD FURY”. An eighty-two minute animated parody of such horror classics as “Evil Dead” and “The Hills Have Eyes”

Led by the wisecracking Max, a group of hunters accidentally stumbles into the forested realm of a family of demonic freaks. The freaks are hungry to possess anyone who trespasses on their sacred land, so Max and his friends must fend off the evil enemy with whatever weapons they have at hand. Shotguns, pick-axes, knives, rotary saws, weapons of every description are enlisted to dice, slice and sever. "Dead Fury" is a fun-filled world of gut-crunching blood and violence!


Commentary with Director Frank Sudol

Over 40 minutes of deleted scenes

Making of DEAD FURY

Stills gallery