Delirium, Das Grauen Kommt Nachts (The Horror Comes At Night) DVD Mediabook, Ltd ED of 333

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The psychiatrist Dr. Herbert Lyutak and his wife Marcia live together in an unhappy marriage. Only in his work as a psychological advisor to the local police does he find some fulfillment. After the gruesome murder of a young woman, he soon finds himself caught up in the police investigation and is suspected of being the perpetrator. As if delirious, Lyutak is plagued by constant hallucinations and finally confesses his terrible deed to his wife. With a heavy heart, Marcia decides to cover for her husband from the police. The investigations roll over again when more inhuman murders shake the environment around Lyutak. Even an inconspicuous parking attendant sticks to his heels. But this time it couldn't have been him.

Language; Dutch, Italian

Subtitles; Dutch

Region; 2

Bonus Material:

16-page booklet
trailer show
Bonus film on Blu-ray