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Double Plus Ungood (Doubleplusungood) DVD

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DoublePlusUngood a film by Marco Laguna, is now available on DVD. SHOCKING ! STARTLING ! OUTRAGEOUS !

In 2018, in a country that doesn’t exist, Dago Cassandra, a small time crook, returns to his kingdom after fifteen years in exile, invested with a divine mission to kill the twelve apostles of Lucifer, represented by the pyramid of power... An extremely dangerous mission, especially when there is a price on your head!

Director: Marco Laguna

Cast: Wild Dee, Delfine Bafort, Bouli Lanners

Belgium 2018 90 min.

PAL Region Free

Language: English

Subtitles: Dutch, French, English, Spanish

Screenformat: 16/9

Audio: 5.1

Extras: Trailers