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 Hotshot lawyer Jackie Lung (Jackie Chan) is hired to defend the owner of a factory which, unbeknownst to him, is the centre of a clandestine narcotics syndicate. He enlists resourceful acquaintances Wong Fei-Hung (Sammo Hung) and Dung Dak-Biu (Yuen Biao) to assist in the case, but loyalties begin to falter when romance blossoms between both sides.


  • Limited Edition 2-Disc Steelbook [2000 units only] with brand-new artwork by Thomas Walker

  • Features a double-walled full slipcase and poster


  • Brand New 4K Remaster of the Original Hong Kong Version

  • Remastered Cantonese Mono with Newly Translated Subtitles

  • Remastered Cantonese 5.1 DTS-HD MA created exclusively for this release with Newly Translated Subtitles

  • Classic English Dub Hybrid Audio [Golden Harvest soundtrack, filled with Fortune Star’s for sections not present in export version]

  • [New] Audio Commentary by Hong Kong cinema experts Mike Leeder and Arne Venema

  • [New] Benny Forever: Interview with Benny “The Jet” Urquidez

  • [New] Discussing Dragons Forever: Interview with David Desser

  • [New] Hong Kong Cinema Forever: Interview with Mike Leeder

  • [New] Working with the Dragons: Interview with Jude Poyer

  • [New] The Legacy of Dragons Forever Featurette with todays actors & martial artists including Troy Sandford, Chris Jones, Ross Boyask, Maria Tran, Mike Leeder, Jean-Paul Ly, Mark Strange, Mike Moeller, George Clarke, Jude Poyer & Steve Lawson

  • Double Jeopardy: An Interview with Brad Allen

  • Beyond Gravity: An Interview with Joe Eigo

  • Kick Fighter: An interview with Andy Cheng

  • Thai Breaker: An Interview with Billy Chow

  • Deleted Scenes [newly restored]

  • End Credits from the Japanese Version [newly restored]

  • Behind the Scenes Footage

  • English Trailer [newly restored]

  • Hong Kong Trailer

  • Reversible Sleeve

  • New artwork from R.P. “Kung Fu Bob” O’Brien [check out his webshop for awesome kung fu prints here]


  • Full CYCLONE Z Cut of the Film [98 mins] [Produced exclusively for the Japanese market, this Cantonese-language version includes two extra scenes and an ending with outtakes]. Newly restored Cantonese Soundtrack in Mono or 5.1 options and newly translated English Subtitles

  • Recreated Export Version of the film [94 mins] [Commissioned by Golden Harvest for international audiences outside Asia] with the Full Classic English Dub and optional English SDH subtitles


  • Region Code: B

  • Audio: LPCM Stereo / 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio

  • Picture: 1080p HD 1.85:1

  • Runtime: 94 mins approx [HK Cut]

  • Runtime: 94 mins approx [International Cut]

  • Runtime: 98 mins approx [Japanese Cut]

  • Language: English / Cantonese

  • Subtitles: English