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Fear Of Clowns 2 Dvd Limited Edition

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Shivers has escaped, and once again sets his murderous sights on Lynn Blodgett. But Detective Peters stands in his way, and this time he's not bringing the clown in: He wants to put him six feet under.

Shivers isn't alone--he's brought two homicidal friends to help him kill Lynn. 

There's only one thing he doesn't know: Detective Peters isn't alone either.

                                        --ONLY 900 COPIES RELEASED--


Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. This is to certify that the dvd accompanying this is a Limited Edition "FEAR OF CLOWNS 2" DVD, of which only 900 copies exist.

This certificate, individually signed and numbered by writer/director Kevin Kangas is proof, and should be kept with the dvd.