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Flowers DVD 3 Disc Limited Edition

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Region 1

2xDVD/1x CD Soundtrack

Some don't understand when the roller-coaster of life stops and their life ends. Some go up and others... find themselves in Purgatory to either find redemption or to choose damnation. Where do the murder victims go when they have a chance to choose' A mind-bending, artistic ride down the road to hell. Are you willing to damn yourself or accept salvation'

This version packaged with CD Soundtrack.

Bonus Materials

  • Commentary with Phil Stevens

  • Commentary with Ronnie Sortor

  • Interview with Bryant w. Lohr Sr

  • Audtion Tape with Makaria Tsapatoris

  • Behind the Scenes Stills

  • Unearthed Trailer Reel

  • Isolated FX Track

  • Floravision: The Making of Flowers

  • Deleted Scenes (with optional Commentary)

  • Storyboards Video Gallery (with optional commentary)

  • Kiss Me Whore Parts 1 & 2 Short Films

  • CD Soundtrack