Get My Gun Limited 2 Disc Blu Ray/Dvd Mediabook (Limited Edition Of 333) Cover A

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Halloween. Amanda (Kate Hoffman), dressed as a nun, and her young daughter swing at a playground. Suddenly she discovers a man who obviously triggers a trauma in her. She immediately calls her best friend and whispers to her: Bring me my gun! Immediately afterwards, the stranger looks into the black, empty eyes of that double-barreled shotgun and is forced into the trunk of Amanda’s car. He must have done something terrible to her, because Amanda wants revenge on her tormentor. In an oppressive way, the film takes the viewer back to the fateful day of her encounter with the rapist. “What kind of life is this?” screams Amanda at some point, covered in blood, extremely pregnant and in the middle of nowhere.

AUDIO; Dutch, English

Subtitles; Dutch, English