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H18 Resurrectio Dvd

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I.n "Hi8" we accompany film student Steven, who wants to make the bloodiest horror film of all time, his diploma thesis. But the problem: the money. Even his production lecturer does not support Steven in his project. He compares the horror film as an unacceptable medium and does not distinguish any artist. Steven is of course also aware that it is difficult to distribute genre films in Germany, but he does not give up hope. However, a mysterious website discovered by a friend of his gives him hope again. A single line of text, surrounded by a frame of a flaming sea, appears on the screen: "God's messengers fall into this hellfire, angels." This does not seem to bother Steven at all, because the content of the text is in his eyes greater importance. His looks only capture film, money, immediate payment. But the click on the "Send" button now ignites an experience that goes through mind, flesh and bones ... Literally speaking: He will experience hell on earth.
"Blood-dripping splatter inferno - sick, perverted, brilliant! - Dead Ends Magazine
DVD Includes:
-Teaser # 1
-Teaser # 2
Bonus Movies:
feeding are the predators
-space of debauchery
-Tote not talk
Bonus Disc with the complete Soundtrack (~ 80min Music)