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Stab, saw, and cleave in this "lost 1978 slasher classic."

masked killer by his victims until he is scared of his own, tortured and

painful past is caught up with. Traumatic memories compel him

to keep killing and the lust for innocent flesh becomes insatiable. Driven by

Insanity, he beheads young women and rapes their bodily remains.

His thirst for blood finally leads him to a roller rink - a real treasure trove for

potential victims...

Already the controversial and bloody predecessor FOUND - MY BRUDER IS A SERIAL KILLER

was shocking in the extreme. Especially the infamous "movie-within-a-movie"

Sequences provided for close-up experience and it is precisely on these scenes that the spin-off HEADLESS is based. In terms of hardcore handmade effects, it exceeds all expectations and is truly a revelation for gorehounds. Murder, cannibalism, necrophilia - HEADLESS shows it all without regard to morals and decency! This dirty and taboo-free genre mix of MANIAC and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE can be described as disturbingly uncomfortable and breathtakingly bizarre – not for the faint of heart, not for weak stomachs, but something for hard-boiled splatter hearts!


20-page booklet

Audio commentary with director & screenwriter

Audio commentary with the actors

Making Of

Arthur Culipher Exposed

gag reel

Raw takes

Outtakes (from FOUND)


Kickstarter Spot (Blu-ray exclusive)

Kickstarter "Thank You Clips" (Blu-ray Exclusive)