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Some lives and deaths are intertwined by fate. His heart filled with wrath, Barabba hunts down the gang who betrayed him. Meanwhile, Massimo’s wife is killed for the gang’s snuff films, and he too seeks revenge. Unified by their anger, Barabba and Massimo’s destinies are on collision course.


In the suburbs of Rome, two disparate lives with only desire for vengeance and redemption in common find their destinies intertwined.
Massimo's mind is plagued with images of his wife's violent death at the hands of a criminal gang involved in the production of snuff films.
With every memory of the woman he loved replaced by unforgettable images of her horrific final moments, Massimo sees only one chance to take
back his life: find the wealthy individual who commissioned the sickening murder... and make them pay. Barabba, a recently released convict, hopes to keep a promise he made to his father and start a new life with his brother, Spaccio, far from the violent world that they used to inhabit. Discovering that his brother is involved in the snuff gang, Barabba
seeks to change things the only way he knows how: through violence and bloodshed. Shot with real ex-criminals and deprived people from the streets, INFIDUS is a drama about redemption and revenge that will uncompromisingly show you the reality of the Italian criminal underworld – ramming sweat, tears and real BLOOD down your throat...
with not a single drop spared.