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Let Her Out follows Helen, a bike courier who, after suffering a traumatic accident, begins to experience, strange episodic blackouts. She soon discovers that she has a benign growth that is the remnant of a “vanishing twin,” absorbed in utero years ago. As the tumor begins to manifest itself in horrific ways, Helen’s fragile psychological state is pushed to the brink. As she begins to rapidly deteriorate, her episodes become increasingly psychotic and Helen becomes a terrifying threat to both herself and those around her.

“The scariest evil twin movie since The Shining.”
– Scream Magazine

“Calahan and his team make Let Her Out a must-see flick for horror fans.”
– Flickering Myth

“outrageously effective FX work and a climax that left my jaw sitting in my lap, and we have ourselves a genuine sleeper hit...”
– Modern Horrors

“...delivers an interesting premise, some really great scares and enough thoroughly grotesque third-act happenings to make it a more than worthwhile visit for horror fans.”
– Dread Central

“as sloppy and sick as 'Bite', it aint nuthin’ when stacked against 'Let Her Out.'"
– Coming Soon

“...destined to leave you feeling chilled to the bone and out of place in your own skin. You want to see what tangible fear truly looks like? You want to see Let Her Out.”
– Addicted To Horror Movies