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Madness Of Many 3 Disc Ultimate Edition

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Region 1

3 disc version: The film depicts the psychological journey of a young woman named Victoria. Since her childhood she has been sexually abused by her family. One day she decides to escape but the world is against her and she soon finds herself cast into an inferno of torture and punishment. This causes her unimaginable suffering but she also comes to understand the true meaning of her existence...

Bonus Materials

  • CD Sound Track

  • Making of Madness of Many Featurette

  • Behind the scenes still gallery

  • Cut Scenes

  • Trailers

  • Commentary

  • Never befoe seen Short films from Kasper Juhl: Torture Chamber Massacre, Nekromania and Make Them Suffer

  • Dinna Haeklund Interview

  • Abscission - 'Blackness' Music video

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  • Limited Edition ULTIMATE 3 disc set. Limited to 1000 copies!

  • Comparable to A Serbian Film

  • For extreme horror fans