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Memoria Blu Ray (BD-R)

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In the middle of a battlefield in Flanders during the First World War, the British soldier Eddie finds himself opposite a mysterious figure who reveals himself to be the god of the dead, Thanatos. He offers him a game – a game for his life. But already around him, Eddie is tormented by the memories of his fallen comrades and the woman who was torn from life shortly after her wedding. The demons won't let him go. And the game begins...

Mystery horror film (Germany 2023). Director: Günther Brandl. With Helmut Brandl, Yvette Costeau, Timur Güler, Markus Pauli, Monika Brandl, Matthias Sigl, Günther Brandl, Vanessa Schulz, Melody Bayer.

Blu-Ray (not pressed!)

uncut (102 min.)

Language: German

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