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Necrophile Passion DVD Special 2 Disc Collector's Edition (LTD 500)

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A man who ended his abusive relationship with his girlfriend finds a female body in a nearby woods. His conscience tells him to call the police, but a sinister urge commands him to take the corpse home with him. After having done so, his dark desires go rampant and he molests the corpse various times. His life is a shambles and only the love for the woman's body gives him the strength to continue. However, he has not yet tied up all the loose ends with his girlfriend and it is time for him to finally get his revenge. Who will triumph in this diabolical love triangle? Man, woman, or corpse?


2013 Original Version

2017 New Version


Soundtrack CD

10 Page Mini Comic

Fold Out Poster

+ More


Language, German

Subtitles, English

Region, Free