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Azura is woman who isn't so young anymore and she is obsessed with becoming a mother. Driven passionately by her nagging mother and competitive sister, she is meticulously monitoring her ovulation cycle to try and conceive with her apathetic boyfriend. After months of trying, her obsession is rapidly growing worse. When she finally reaches her breaking point and finds out a hidden secret, how far will she go to become pregnant? Not everyone is conceived out of love. This is a dramatic tale of a woman's need to procreate taken to horrific levels.

Starring Mandi Johnson (Cyclical Effect), Lynn Lowry (The Crazies, Cat People), Chelsey Garner (Killer Shorts 2, Nobody Gets Out Alive), and Willy Adkins (Bacon: The Movie, One Afternoon).

DVD includes:

* 45 minute film
* Ovulation: The Making Of Ovulation
* Outtakes / Gag Reel
* Lynn Lowry's Run Through
* Auditions
* Trailers
* 3 Galleries
* Kickstarter Video
* Scene Selections