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Regoregitated Sacrifice Dvd

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Angela is already at the end of 19 years: She suffers from bulimia, earns her living as a prostitute and is regularly beaten up by her customers.
When she can no longer stand the situation, she drowns herself on the day of Kurt Cobain's death, which she had foreseen.
On her journey into the afterlife, she witnesses gruesome murders that obviously have something to do with her life?

66 Min (Full Uncut)
1.33: 1
German Subtitles (Main Movie)

Special Features:
- The Angela Chapters: Chapter Two "I´ma ​​perfect ten"
- Making Of ReGOREgitated Sacrifice
- Ritual Sacrifice
- Kurt Cobain Forever
- Black Angels of Hell
- Picture Gallery
- Angela´s Pictures
- Slaughtered Vomit Dolls Teaser Trailer
- Slaughtered Vomit Dolls Trailer
- Regoregitated Sacrifice Teaser Trailer
- Regoregitated Sacrifice Trailer