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Revenge Of The Bushido Blade Blu Ray

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It's 1945 in the Philippines and a platoon of American soldiers kill a Japanese General and rape and murder his wife in front of their little kid. Kimon (Leo Fong) as a full grown man is hell bent on revenge. Thirty three years later, the platoon gets back together for a reunion in Manila. Kemon, now the master of the Bushido Blade, is there to exact horrific death upon the platoon members responsible for butchering his parents. Also known in the US as THE LAST REUNION and starring cult icon Cameron Mitchell (Nightmare In Wax). 

Special Features

  • Brand New 4K Scan From Original 35mm Negative With Extensive Colour Correction
  • New 2021 40-minute Interview With Kung-Fu Legend LEO FONG
  • Original 35mm Theatrical Trailer
Region: A,B,C