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A deranged loner only known by his online alias "Webmaster" spends his days and nights operating an international sex trafficking ring on the dark web known as "Lolita Slave Dolls", where kidnapped victims have gruesome operations performed on them and are then sold to customers to be used to fulfill their most depraved desires.

For his next operation, he enlists a group of corrupt and sadistic doctors to torture, degrade and humiliate a new victim at the behest of a customer. But when the media starts to catch on to The Webmaster's doings, his mind begins to work against him and paranoia slowly takes over his being.

This violent and explicit film explores the seedy underbelly of the internet, where one man's fantasies, no matter how sick and depraved, can easily be carried out for the right price.

Original Score and Music by Isserley

Extras: Baby Snuff (2022), deleted scenes, other.

Region Free