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The Miracle Of Life (2Disc Special Edition) DVD

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The Belgian answer to Basket Case. A bio-ethical horror comedy for the whole family! On single DVD or the Limited 2-Disc Digipack Special Edition with slipcase DVD + Bonus DVD!

In a twisted world, Marianne gives birth to a rather unusual child. While the child is born dead, life finds its way trough the afterbirth. Marianne decides to raise her placenta as a normal human being; as a young man named Luke. Behind his monstrous facade, there is revealed a person of intelligence, faith and sensitivity. Luke struggles for his place in a world of drunks, junkies, whores and bodybuilders. An insane world that treats him as a freak. As this hostile society slowly pushes him towards the edge, Luke has to choose between holding on to his gentle ideals or becoming the merciless soldier his mother always wanted him to be.

A film by Yves Sondermeier and Joël Rabijns
Belgium, 2013

Dutch subtitles

PAL Region Free

Stereo 16/9 - 2.40:1 Letterboxed


Limited 2-Disc Edition

Disc 1 - Main Feature

Disc 2 - Aborted Scenes, Building the Placenta, Luke's Childhood Memories Tape

Format: Limited Edition