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Unholy Ground Blu Ray (BD-R)

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A Swedish village in the 18th century: The apparent idyll is disturbed by a group of soldiers who suddenly appear to save their seriously injured comrade from death. Despite initial hospitality, the arrivals quickly notice that the villagers are not only strongly religious, but also seem to be hiding a dark secret. As the strange events pile up, the suspicion remains inevitable: some villagers seem to believe in a completely different god...

Horror film (Germany 2016).

Director: Günther Brandl. With Jürgen Lill, Nadja Holz, Monika Brandl, Mila Moore, Günther Brandl, Katharina Buchberger.

BLU RAY (not pressed!)

uncut, contains X-tended version (115 min.)

Language: German

Subtitles: NONE

New (but not shrink-wrapped)